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movie. Midnight Sun

studio. Global Road Entertainment

project. #MidnightSweets

summary. To celebrate Valentine's Day, we partnered with Fooji to create a custom gift pack that lovers could send to one another and we also sent out dozens of gift packs to media outlets. 

project. Spotify Bae-list

summary. To lean into the musical influence of the film, we partnered with Spotify on a first-to-market couples' playlist generator.

project. Burn So Bright Snapchat Campaign

summary. To reach teen girls, we ran a heavy Snapchat campaign consisting of a custom lens featuring the title song of the movie, "Burn So Bright" and also created a special Valentine's Day national filter.

project. Gen Z Social Videos

summary. To reach the Gen Z audience, we created tailored social videos including a texting trailer and story told in Bitmojis.

project. GIPHY

summary. To lean into our audience's affinity for using GIFs, we created a curated collection that was promoted on GIPHY

project. Available at Night

summary. We partnered with Tap (Wattpad) to create a fictional text story told from the POV of the two leads in the film.

project. Where Will You Meet Your Soulmate

summary. Partnering with Bustle, we created an interactive flowchart to engage young female audiences

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