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movie. Hotel Artemis

studio. Global Road Entertainment

project. #NationalNursesDay

summary. To celebrate National Nurse's Day, we created a three-part ASMR meditation series with Dave Bautista, who plays the nurse, contrasting his renowned gruff voice and the intensity of the film with the tranquility of the video. We also created a special digital spot thanking nurses around the world.

project. Reddit Gold-bloom

summary. We broke Reddit by gilding every single post on the homepage on the day of Jeff Goldblum's AMA and commented 🐺👑 (Wolf King), the name of his character in the film. It caused a significant amount of buzz leading up to his AMA, which became one of the most upvoted movie AMAs of all time.

project. Character Portraits

summary. We partnered with graphic designer, Flore Maquin, to create character posters for the entire ensemble cast

project. Members Only

summary. We created a special Snapchat lens to allow people to enter the world of Hotel Artemis, but in order to do so, you had to scan a Snapcode for membership. We created three distinct character cards and ran them as Snap Ads to drive people to the world lens. We also leaned into the idea of members-only in our digital ad creative as well. 

project. Hotel Rules

summary. Within the movie, there are 8 rules that members have to abide by. We decided to expand upon the rules specifically for digital and also created special rules for our NFL targeted ads.

project. Travel Postcards

summary. We created a set of character intros to set up the dichotomy between the hotel room names and the characters that residing within them.

project. Hotel Artemis for LARPers

summary. We partnered with Team Nerdist to reach fanboy audiences

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