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movie. Birth of the Dragon

studio. BH Tilt

project. Anime Trailer

summary. To reach anime fans, we partnered with Ranker to recreate the trailer in the style of anime.

project. Gamer vs. Trainer

summary. To reach gaming audiences, we partnered with Kotaku to pit a gamer against a martial artist both in the dojo and in the console.

project. MMA Takeover

summary. To reach MMA fans, we partnered with Champions to have famous MMA fighters like Bas Ruden talk about how Bruce Lee inspired them to fight. We also had high-impact takeovers on prominent MMA sites during fight nights.  

project. The Science Behind the One-Inch Punch

summary. We partnered with Nerdist and Because Science to do a special episode detailing the science behind one of Bruce Lee's most famous moves: the One-Inch Punch.

project. Free Sports Betting Contests

summary. To reach male sports fans, we held free contests during the beginning of football season and we also became the first brand to sponsor a free MMA contests.

project. The Chive vs. MMA

summary. We partnered with The Chive, a top male-lifestyle publisher, and Tim Kennedy, a top 10 UFC fighter, to create an MMA training video.

project. Mom's Movie Review

summary. To reach Hispanic audiences, we partnered with Mitu to bring Mom from their popular series, Mom's Movie Review, to the dojo to review the film. 

project.  Birth of the Dragon Nunchucks

summary. To reach kids, we created a special avatar item that could be unlocked in one of the most popular kid's games, Roblox

project. Birth of the Dragon Game

summary. We created a custom game that was also playable on Snapchat featuring Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man.

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