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movie. Beneath Us

studio. Vital Pictures

summary. Given the current political climate, we knew this film would be controversial... so we decided 100% lean into it and create as much conversation as possible (both positive and negative) with the limited budget that we had. Working alongside one freelancer, we crafted the entire social campaign, which also included me running the paid media campaigns in-platform as well. 

project. #PeligrosGringos

summary. The film depicts undocumented workers looking for work outside of hardware stores. It's easy to view them as threats, but there is also potential danger and a whole lot of trust that goes into stepping into a stranger's home. This wildposting campaign tackles that head-on as we posted warning and missing posters around Home Depots, Lowes, and Ace Hardware stores across LA and SF, generating press coverage along the way.

project. Real Estate Tease

summary. To drop clues about the ill-intentions of our villains, we created mock real estate listings with a sinister twist. Upon first glance, these look like regular listings, but the fine print reveals hints at what's really going on beneath the surface. 

project. Mitu Memes

summary. Knowing our core audience was second and third-generation Latinos, we partnered with Mitu to reach this niche audience with content that would resonate with them. Although our film was horror, we knew the best way to communicate with this audience was through humor, so we created a series of relevant memes. 

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