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movie. The Belko Experiment

studio. BH Tilt

project. Claymation Videos

summary. We partnered with top horror Claymation influencer, Lee Hardcastle, on a 4-part series to promote the film.

project. Belko Industries Recruitment

summary. To lean into the satire of the film, we partnered with The Onion to create recruitment videos and office space editorials

project. Deadliest Office Weapons with Tim Kennedy

summary. We partnered with MMA fighter and male-lifestyle site, The Chive, to show our fans how to use deadly office weapons.

project. Team Nerdist

summary. To engage Nerdist fanboys, we put Team Nerdist to the test to see who would be the last man standing.

project. Exploding Heads and Deadly Office Weapons

summary. We partnered with top social horror channel, CryptTV, to create a Tasty-like video on how to explode heads and a listicle video showcasing the deadliest office weapons.

project. Stop-Motion Trailer

summary. We partnered with Counter656, a top stop-motion artist, to recreate the official trailer using action figured.

project. The Worst Coworkers

summary. In honor of March Madness partnered with Cracked to create a murder bracket featuring the coworkers you want to kill the most.

project. Graphic Novel

summary. We debuted an exclusive Belko graphic novel on to recreate the trailer.

project. Work is Hell

summary. We created a retro desktop experience for those who want to discover what job function they'd perform best in at Belko Industries.

project. March Madness + Online Sports Betting

summary. During March Madness, we sponsored a bracket optimizer on FanDuel and multiple basketball contests on DraftKings.

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